The Rules

Blocked ShotBS2222
Clean SheetCS66--
Corner WonCW1111
Foul CommittedFC-.5-.5-.5-.5
Foul WonFW.
Goal ConcededGA-3---
Last Ditch TackleST2222
Match Winning GoalMWG2222
Own GoalOG-3-3-3-3
Pass InterceptedPI.
Penalty ConcededPC-3-3-3-3
Penalty Kick Missed or SavedPKM-6-6-6-6
Penalty SavePKS8---
Red CardRC-6-6-6-6
Free-kick GoalSPG3333
Shot on TargetSOT3333
Successful CrossSC1111
Tackle WonTW.
Yellow CardYC-3-3-3-3   

Managers have 100 million to spend on 11 players. There are no restrictions on the number of players that can be selected from any one club. Managers can make as many changes as they like per week but a final team must be submitted by the time stated in the Season's Timeline module on the signed-in version of your Fantasy Football home page. No points will be scored if the team submitted has fewer than 11 players. Changes to a team will not be saved unless Managers press the "Save Team Changes" button on the right of the "Team Manager" page..

Player values can increase and decrease based on performance but managers can only ever sell them at their purchase price. Your changes will not be activated until you press the 'Save Team Changes' button.