Thursday, 10 November 2011

The North South Divide: England v Spain graphs

News today tells us that the credit crunch has further entrenched the UK's North/South poverty divide.

"Britain's north-south divide has widened since the start of the recession and is likely to worsen as households in the north-east and Yorkshire are among the hardest hit by rising unemployment and falling house prices, according to a report." (The Guardian)

With the world's wealthiest footballing nations - Spain and England - set to lock horns this weekend it seems timely to look at the related divides across the two squads. So here are some graphs:

Firstly, Spain have a 23 man squad, England a 25. 19 clubs are represented across the two squads. But which clubs have the largest representation?

In the spain squad, 57% of the players come from Real or Barca.

Whereas, in England there is a broader distribution, but Man City have the most:

To be continued.....

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