Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Team of the week 27

Valencia's Pablo - star man
Pablo Hernandez was the Golden Player of the week, top scoring with 27 pts through a brace and match winner as Valencia beat Mallorca 2-1. Osasuna's Ricardo was once again goalkeeper of the week. Sporting Gijon's Andre Castro represented extraordinary value, scoring an unlikely 15.5 from a value of 4.03, rampaging from midfield. The list is refreshingly bereft of Barcelona players although Keita came close with his match winner against Zaragoza.

player, team, position, value, score
K. Benzema, MAD Forward 20.81 26.00
D. Forlán, AMR Forward 18.70 20.50

*P. Hernández, VAL Midfielder 15.13 27.00*
Di María, MAD Midfielder 18.45 20.00
M. De Las Cuevas, SPO Midfielder 11.50 18.00
K. Bakircioglü, RAC Midfielder 11.82 16.50
André Castro, SPO Midfielder 10.13 15.50

S. Fernández, OSA Defender 12.70 15.50
A. Paz, HER Defender 7.18 14.00
R. Canella, SPO Defender 12.69 13.50

Ricardo, OSA Goalkeeper 15.44 20.00

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