Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week27: Barcelona and Real Madrid

My team for week 27. A lot riding on Barca's strike force. Also, interested to see whether Koke can do anything. If he starts being a regular he could be a bargain to keep at 4. If it was just a flash in the pan, he'll need to go. Just realised Perea is out which is annoying. Maresca was rested against Real in midweek so have a lot of faith in him returning to high scoring ways. Can't believe picking was closed at 11am today. Normally 3pm!

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  1. ¡Vamos, Dos Donuts! Your team certainly looks stronger than my Blog Team on paper, but with a single vote producing mine, what can I say? And I had to buy Di María at 16.00, so I'm really crossing my fingers. (I actually wrote an op-ed piece instead of my normal Blog Team post.)

    By the way, I like the translation widget. I found mine went ignored, except by Spanish speakers. I now write my La Liga articles with translation in mind, looking to avoid colloquialisms and other words and phrases I know would be nonsensical in a word-for-word translation.