Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuesday night action: Granada 0 - 1 Barcelona, Sevilla 2-2 Racing

Key points:

  • 1 goal from Xavi.
  • Lots of bookings and cards all round
  • Good points for Barca defenders. Notably Maxwell.
  • Barca youth striker Cuenca played 90 mins but not available for FF selection yet.
  • Fabregas back from injury. Played 71 mins.
  • Out of form Pedro now injured.
  • Granada seem pretty handy at keeping the scores down.

Teams and FF points scores:

Barca team and individual FF scores v GRN

Granada team and individual FF scores v Barca

Predicted number of goals:

Barcelona to score 1 and Granada to score 0 was the most likely outcome.

Sevilla 2-2 Santander


Sevilla were expected to score 2 goals or 1, with an 81% chance of winning the tie. Santander were heavily favoured to score nothing so upset the odds with their 2 away goals. Essentially, for FF pickers, the sensible money would have been on goals and points for the home side players, which came through in the shape of Rakitic, Manu. Trochowski was the value pick, the former Hamburger Pole scoring 12 pts from a value of 4.

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