Saturday, 23 April 2011

Team of the Week 32

Griezmann strikes again

A. Griezmann, RSO, 28.00
P. Osvaldo, Espanyol, 23.00
Rubén Suárez, LEV, 20.50

Duda, Malaga, 20
Miguel de las Cuevas, Sporting, 15.50
Juanlu, LEV, 12.00

M. Stankevicius, Valencia, 18.00
M. Pablo, Deportivo, 13.50
M. Demichelis, Malaga, 13.5
J. Mathieu, Valencia, 13.00

D. Aranzubía
, Deportivo, 20.00

For the record, this was the team of week 32. This is the best team you could have had. With a 4-3-3 you could have got yourself 197 points. And not a Barca or Real player in sight.

I've been putting it off to wait for the Villarreal v Zaragoza results but it seems they will never show. Nice to see so many unusal players grabbing the headlines and some old stalwarts like Osvaldo hitting the heights once again. Duda does not cease to impress.

The distribution of points for the first 11 was thus:

Deportivo 33.5 17.0%
Espanyol 23 11.7%
LEV 32.5 16.5%
Malaga 33.5 17.0%
RSO 28 14.2%
Sporting 15.5 7.9%
Valencia 31 15.7%

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