Thursday, 14 April 2011

Week 32 predictions

I dream of being able to mathematically predict the best fantasy football 11 going into the week on yahoo fantasy football. I've been working on a model to predict team scores first, then will move onto players. For now, I'm working on predictions for scores. Using Spiegelhalter's model I've got the following results predicted for next weekend's (16th April 2011) matches

Sat, Apr 16 MGA 1-1 MAL
Sat, Apr 16 MAD 1-3 BAR
Sat, Apr 16 ALM 0-2 VAL
Sat, Apr 16 GET 2-2 SEV
Sun, Apr 17 OSA 1-1 BIL
Sun, Apr 17 RSO 1-0 SPO
Sun, Apr 17 DEP 0-0 RAC
Sun, Apr 17 LEV 1-0 HER
Sun, Apr 17 ESP 1-1 AMR
Mon, Apr 18 VIL 1-0 RZG

1 comment:

  1. Johnson -

    I got here from JingleBells (the site), and was pleased to see this site on the blog roll (although not so pleased that your recent publication bumped my blog further down the roll... ha ha). Concerning predictions, as I wrote in my Blogger profile and my About Me page, I used to generate weekly point-earning predictions for all the players on each team in my mini-group for YFF, so I know all about the business. It was elating when I got things right, kind of embarrassing when I mucked them up (since I shared those predictions with two other members of the group).

    Concerning your predictions, I think any manager would agree that we're a superstitious lot, and despite my fondness for numbers, I'll have this niggling thought, for example, that if I pick Diego López as the safest bet for goalkeeper, he'll cough up a stoppage time goal like he did the last time I had him. Still, I'm impressed with your work, and I'll be looking forward to seeing how you did once the week is up.