Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In Focus: Gaizka Toquero

Bilbao striker Gaizka Toquero scored his 3rd goal in two matches rather stealing the limelight from that supposed bohemeth of the Basques and team mate Fernando Llorente. These are Toquero's first goals of the season in 16 appearances. Before last week, he had only scored more than 5.5 fantasy points on one occasion (a 9 in week 15). Goals for the journeyman centre forward  have come against Gijon and away at Atletico Madrid. According to Wikipedia, "he is blessed with few technical skills but a tremendous hard-worker"

A PES thread gives us further insight into his abilities. According to brazilianpesfan:

"Gaizka Toquero, the new star of Athletic. Toquero is a fighter and intelligent support striker that has become a fan favourite due to his high work rate and willingness to help the team, and sometimes the crowd sings together "Ari, ari, ari, Toquero Lehendakari

Attack/Defense: He is improving day to day here. He lacked here the last season but now he knows where to be and how to use his positioning. On defence, he tracks back a lot to press.

He lives from the balls headed by Llorente before a long pass, and fights for each one."

He sounds like an old fashioned English forward. I thought only the English played "the long pass".

At 26, Toquero is not a prospect in the mold of the 18 year old starlet Muniain, but he seems to be blossoming this year and looks set to have big say in who is going to be playing European football next year. As Just Football's weekend review tells us "it’s not often you’ll find a coach changing everything around to make sure Gaizka Toquero is involved, but there you go."


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