Monday, 14 February 2011

Team of the week 23: Joaquin - phoenix from the flames

Player, team, position, value, points.
The highest scoring team possible this week in la ligafantasy football
Joaquin - return to form

R. Tamudo, RSO, Forward, 11.19, 24.50
D. Trezeguet, HER, Forward, 10.06, 16.00
Ronaldo, Real Mad, Forward, 43.83, 16.00

Joaquín, Valencia, Midfielder, 9.99, 27.00
J. Reyes, Athl Madrid, Midfielder, 14.49, 20.50
Farinós, HER, Midfielder, 3.06, 16.50 11.00
M. Arana, Racing, Midfielder, 7.09, 13.00

Marcelo, Real Mad, Defender, 13.57, 26.50
A. Lopo, Deportivo, Defender, 7.37, 21.00
Arbeloa, Real Mad, Defender, 6.21, 11.00

A. Adán, Real Mad, Goalkeeper, 8.43, 20.00

szólj hozzá: atlético-valencia 1-2

Special mentions:
G. Munúa, LEV, Goalkeeper, 12.30, 16.50
Toño, Racing, Goalkeeper, 8.46, 14.50

Key Points:
Adan - saved the game for Real
  • Real Madrid have 4 in the top scoring XI
  • 3 are defensive players, including a keeper. Espanyol gave them a good battering but they held on!
  • 23 yr old Antonio Adan made his league debut in goal after Casillas was sent off. He made 5 saves - more than any other keeper this weekend - to help secure all three points for Mourinho's men.
  • Nice to see Joaquin top score in a very mediocre period for him
  • Amazing to see former multimillion pound man, Farinos register a mighty score for Hercules, and valued at a measly 3. This will need further investigation
My team?
  • I got a high scoring front 3 with Adebayor, Tamudo and Rondon but was a bit disastrous elsewhere. 
  • Prieto was suspended, Di Maria was substituted early on, and Barca had a defensive mare.
  • Also Trezeguet had a great week despite my reservations

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