Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Week 21: team of the week. Valdo invited to Messi's party

Buried under all this tedious transfer titilation, was the news last night that Week 21's action was rounded off with an ill-tempered 1-1 draw between Racing Santander and Valencia. The stats suggest Tino Costa and Ever Banega were the men of the hour for Valencia. Costa got a goal and 8 points, while Banega did crosses, corners and assist to get 9 points.

Racing Santander 1-1 Valencia
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Kennedy Bakircioglü
got 3.5 for Santander. Goalscorer for Racing was Ariel Nahuelpán with 10pts.

We are now able to announce the team of the week:

L. Messi, Barcelona, Forward, (value)46.46, (points)33.00
G. Toquero, Athl Bilbao, Forward, 14.10, 26.50
A. Negredo, Sevilla, Forward, 16.51, 20.50

Duda, Malaga, Midfielder, 20.96, 21.00
Valdo, LEV, Midfielder, 9.34, 19.00
D. Castro, Sporting, Midfielder 15.48, 18.00
André Castro, Sporting, Midfielder, 7.01, 15.00*

I. Ansotegi, RSO, Defender, 9.20, 18.00
Dani Alves, Barcelona, Defender, 20.39, 17.50
A. Iraola, Athl Bilbao, Defender, 13.89, 17.00

G. Iraizoz, Athl Bilbao, Goalkeeper, 15.62, 24.00

There were three midfielders on 15 points:
N. Bertolo, Zaragoza
D. López, Athl Bilbao
J. Camuñas,Osasuna

Andre Castro deserves the accolade because his current stats suggest he never set foot on the pitch:

So mainly the big hitters, but plenty of new names to learn about, and many of the points concentrating around a few games and teams:

3 from Bilbao @ A. Madrid
2 from Barca @ Hercules
2 from Sporting @ Mallorca

(new feature) Who are you and why were you good?

Valdo 19pts

Valdo - great  week
The Levante midfielder had one hell of a game:

1 Match Winning Goals
1 Goal
2 Successful crosses
1 Corners won
3 Fouls won
3 Shots on target
5 Passes intercepted

Great for a guy who was worth 4.63 at the start of the week. This, along with a sparing Wikipedia entry, suggest it was a one off, a blip. Find out more.

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  1. Ha, I like the "new feature." I see that you now added value as well in the team of the week. Good work.

    I have now posted my stats-based look into this week's upcoming fixtures:


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