Saturday, 26 February 2011

Week25: Saturday night

Managed to get both A.Madrid goalscorers Koke and Reyes, and Pinto for Barca in goal, also great return from Angel for Gijon. Only Adebayor was a big dissapointment. Wish I had switched Tamudo for Sergio Garcia - I saw that one coming for Espanyol.

Tonights results

Mallorca 0 - 3 Barca
Deportivo 0 - 0 Real
A.Madrid 2 -2 Sevilla
Espanyol 4 -1 Sociedad
Gijon 0 -0 Zaragoza

My points from tonight:

Pinto, Barca, 16 pts

Adriano, Barca, 6pts
Jose Angel, Gijon, 13.5 pts

Ozil, Real, 8pts
Di Maria, Real, 9.5
Koke, A.Mad, 16.5
Reyes, A.Mad, 14

Adebayor, Real, 3.5
Tamudo, Sociedad, 8

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